Relevant Coffee


Kivu is the general name for Eastern Congo, covering a very broad geographical area. It borders on Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Lake Tanganyika on the east. Kivu is divided into three provinces, Nord-Kivu (North Kivu), Sud-Kivu (South Kivu), and Maniema. Coffee, cotton, rice, and palm oil are produced, and tin and some gold are mined. The Ruwenzori mountains, and the Virunga Mountains are contrasred by the deep lakes (Albert, Edwad, Kivu and Tanganiyka).

A part of the Congo problem is the direct involvement of neighboring governments in socio-politics in the area as many of the clans are related. With recent elections in Congo, the hope for stability and a continuous of the cease fire is possible.

But this is a tumultuous political scene, with mineral, gold and diamond wealth as inspiration to the various factions. Kivu area is directly affected. Of course, smallholder coffee farmers are the first to suffer.

What we hope to see next is NGOs and others move in and try to firmly re-establish the coffee trade, rebuild mills, offer education toward specialty coffee production.