Relevant Coffee


Coffee Arrived on the island in 1748, coffee plantations are located in the following three areas:

- To the west, in the mountains of Guaniguanico
- In the center, in the mountains Guamuhaya
- To the east, in the Sierra Maestra
Sierra Maestra is a mountain range that runs through the south of the country since the Guantanamo province to province Niquero.
Sierra means "mountain" and Maestra, "mistress" because Turquino Peak, which rises to 1974m above sea level.
Serrano Superior is grown in the mountain range to the east of the island, at 1000 meters above sea level
Soils, rich in copper, manganese and chromium iron create unique flavor profiles in the world.
The oceanic influence in the Caribbean and the high altitude creates excellent conditions for the development of coffee 
An Island of natural beauty, offering classic Caribbean landscapes of palms and beaches, Cuba is also renowned for its vast array of plants and animal species. The country’s elongated and narrow shape facilitates the circulation of trade winds from the Atlantic, which cool its tropical, humid climate. Flat low lying plains account for approximately two thirds of the country and are primarily covered by sugar cane and tobacco plantations. The remaining one third of the land is mountainous; the most dramatic range the Sierra Maestra Mountains is home to World’s famous coffee plantations.
Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catui & Catimor
Harvesting method: Manual and selective
Treatment: wet method
Drying: Natural Sun and mechanical if necessary
Preparation: Manual sorting,
Calibration over the screen 16
Harvest period: July to December
Packaging: 60 kg bag