Relevant Coffee


 India is one of the world’s most populous countries, loosely defined as the world’s largest democracy. It is a land, or collection of lands, that incorporates an unparalleled diversity of people, languages, ethniticies and geography. Culturally India has been defined by a caste system that is said to have helped maintain social cohesion where otherwise there would be none. However, the rampant onslaught of economic liberalisation have challenged these social definitions and moved India into a select group of emerging economic powerhouses.


 India produces a wide variety of coffee mainly in the south of the country, including both arabica and robusta grades. Coffee is generally produced on a plantation-ownership basis with the small holder and cooperative structure comparatively rare. The arabica is medium to low body with some sweetness. There are different grades of robusta, including washed robustas. A unique offering from India is monsooned coffee, where coffee in parchment is left in opensided warehouse and subject to the effects of humidity during the monsoon season. Coffee harvesting is generally from November to February (arabica) and January to March (robusta).