4C Association
Relevant Coffee

The "4C Association" is an inclusive membership driven organization of coffee farmers, trade and industry and civil society.

Members work jointly towards improving economic, social and environmental conditions through more sustainable and transparent practices for all who make a living in the coffee sector.

The "4C Association" is based on a voluntary Code of Conduct comprising basic social, environmental and economic practices in coffee production, processing and trading. The 4C Code is designed to trigger a process of continuous improvement towards increasing sustainability.

Verification is free for farmers and covered through membership fees. A support network provides access to training programmes, promotes good agricultural and management practices, facilitates information exchange, and strengthens the self-organisation of farmers.

Please visit www.4c-coffeeassociation.org for the latest activities and in-depth information on the "4C Association" and its results.


4C Secretariat
Adenauerallee 108
53113 Bonn
Telephone +49 (0) 228 850 50 0
Telefax +49 (0) 228 850 50 20