Relevant Coffee

image Conventional coffee supply through traditional export channels continues to be central to trading operations at DRW. Despite the growth of the niche speciality and certified markets conventional supply continues to feed the bulk of the mainstream market and to sustain the industry at large. Our goal is to supply commercially priced coffees without compromising on quality.

We have built up and maintain long standing relationships with exporters in all major coffee origins that allows us to continually offer consistent and high quality conventional grades.

Conventional grades of coffee remain indexed to benchmark market prices, NYBOT for arabica and Liffe for robusta. Consequently, DRW makes use of hedging instruments in order to minimise our risk to market volatility and to remain competitive.

We build relationships with our suppliers of commercial grades too, leading to  greater traceability on our conventional coffees, which enables us to promote an open relationship in the supply chain. This allows for improved quality control, consistent standards and the development of long-term relationships between our customers and and suppliers.